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Keynote Speaker - Amir Feizpour

Founder of Aggegate Intellect

Gary Coburn

Google Cloud Customer Engineer

Sumit Chandel

Sr Developer Advocate at Google

Ali El-Sharif

Business Intelligence Consultant at Motifworks

Brian Gernon

Account Executive, AlphaKOR Group

Arafat Khan

Developer at Shopify

Mark Kryska

VP of Technology, Atlas Oil

Karthik Kuber

Director of AI/ML, Loblaw Companies Limited

Annie Lee

Research Scientist at Stradigi AI

Richard McCrae

Independent Computer Software Professional

Godfrey Nolan

Founder and President of RIIS LLC

Kyle Paul

Program Manager of Developer Ecosystems, Google

Yvonne Pilon

President and CEO, WEtech Alliance

Ikjot Saini

Ph.D. Candidate

Gaurav Kumar Singh

AV Research and Strategy, Ford Motor Company

Christa Stephens

Software Developer

Jeannette Washington

Founder of Bearly Articulating

Don Ward

Senior Research Engineer at Quicken Loans